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Welcome to CSChE 2024! As part of our commitment to transparency and inclusivity, we are pleased to present a list of governance meetings taking place during the conference.  

Please note that the dates, times, and locations are subject to change, so we encourage you to check back regularly for updates. 

Governance Meetings Schedule 

Board Meetings

CSChE Board Meeting
Information to come.

Information to come.

Other Meetings

Information to come.

Subject Division Meetings and AGMs

Information to come.

CSChE Governance needs you!  

CSChE Governance plays a key role in representing our members’ views and shaping the organization’s direction. Volunteers in governance positions contribute to important decisions regarding all aspects of what CSChE does. 

It’s always a good time to volunteer to serve on CSChE boards and committees. By getting involved, you not only contribute to the growth and success of CSChE but also gain valuable experience and career and networking opportunities. 

Interested in volunteering your time and expertise? Learn more about how you can make a difference and become involved in shaping the future of CSChE.