When you’re able to connect with others to share your love of the chemical sciences, everyone grows. CIC local sections brings peers together to help each other discuss ideas, enjoy educational activities, host outreach events for the public, and just plain have fun with like-minded people!

Whether you’re working in private industry, an academic, or a student, you can benefit from the exchange of ideas that only your peers can provide. Your local section brings together everyone in your region who shares your passion for the chemical sciences and engineering.

You’ll enjoy activities like:

We Make it Easy to Take Part

When you become a member, we’ll assign you to the nearest local section, based on your home address. You’ll get emails that keep you up to date with all the events, activities, and news happening in your area.

Contact a Local Section

Most of these sections have their own websites if you want to learn more about them.

Calgary CIC

Looking for new executive members

Calgary CSChE

Hector De la Hoz Siegler

Chair of the Calgary CSChE Local Section

University of Calgary

Deep River CIC

Looking for new Executive Members

Edmonton CIC


Chair of the Edmonton CIC Local Section

Grant McEwan University

Edmonton CSChE

Phillip Choi

Chair of the Edmonton CSChE Local Section

University of Alberta

Essex-Kent CIC

JAmes green

Chair of the Essex-Kent CIC Local Section

University of Windsor

Estrie Monterégie CSChE

Gervais Soucy

Chair of the Estrie Monterégie CSChE Local Section

Université de Sherbrooke

Hamilton CIC

Don Barclay

Chair of the Hamilton CIC Local Section

Hawkesbury CIC

George Henderson

Chair of the Hawkesbury CIC Local Section

Atlantic Braids Ltd.

Kingston CIC

Kevin Stamplecoskie

Chair of the Kingston CIC Local Section
Queen's University

London CIC

Looking for new Executive Members

Manitoba and N.W. Ontario CIC

James Xidos

Manitoba and N.W. Ontario CIC Local Section

University of Manitoba

Maritime CIC

DR. geniece hallett-tapley

Chair of the Maritime CIC Local Section

St. Francis Xavier University

Montréal CIC


Chair of the Montreal CIC Local Section

TAV College

Newfoundland and Labrador CIC

Chris Kozak

Chair of the Newfoundland and Labrador CIC Local Section

Memorial University

North Saskatchewan CIC

Richard Evitts

Chair of the North Saskatchewan CIC Local Section

University of Saskatchewan

Ottawa CIC

Jeffrey Manthorpe

Chair of the Ottawa CIC Local Section

Carleton University

Peterborough CIC

Ramesh Makhija

Chair of the Peterborough CIC Local Section

R and R Laboratories Ltd.

Québec CIC

Guillaume Bélanget-chabot

Chair of the Québec CIC Local Section

Université Laval

Saguenay CIC

Denis Bussières

Chair of the Saguenay CIC Local Section

Université du Québec à Chicoutimi

Sarnia CIC

Bryce McGarvey

Chair of the Sarnia CIC Local Section

Imperial Oil

Sherbrooke CIC

Patrick Ayotte

Chair of the Sherbrooke CIC Local Section

Université de Sherbrooke

South Saskatchewan CIC

Stephen Cheng

Chair of the South Saskatchewan CIC Local Section

University of Regina

Southeastern British Columbia CIC

Tamara Freeman

Chair of the Southeastern British Columbia CIC Local Section

University of British Columbia Okanagan

Sudbury CIC

Ken Westaway

Chair of the Sudbury CIC Local Section

Laurentian University

Toronto CIC

Trevor janes & Shakiba ghaffari

Co-Chairs of the Toronto CIC Local Section

University of Toronto and York University

Vancouver CIC

Jennifer Wolf and Jimmy lowe

Co-Chairs of the Vancouver CIC Local Section

British Columbia Institute of Technology

Vancouver Island CIC

Daniel Donnecke

Chair of the Vancouver Island CIC Local Section

Camosun College

Vancouver CSChE

Looking for new Executive Members