Demonstrating Diversity

Scientific presses around the world have set aside their usual competitive priorities and agreed to simultaneously publish an essay that outlines how members of the international scientific community can nurture values of equity, diversity, and inclusion. The document, set to appear on Monday August 17, includes contributions from dozens of researchers and scientists around the...


Reconciling risk and reward

In 1984, when a Dow Chemical facility in the Indian city of Bhopal released toxic gas that killed more than 3,700 people and injuring at least 16,000 more, the catastrophe set in motion the Responsible Care initiative, which permanently altered how major industrial manufacturers consider the hazards surrounding their work. It also marked the beginning...


Meet the CIC Board Chair


Paul Smith, the new chair of Chemical Institute of Canada Board of Directors, is Vice President of Xerox Corporation and Centre Director of the Xerox Research Centre of Canada. In that capacity he has played a key role in turning this global research facility in Mississauga into a global innovation hub for the development of...