CNC-IUPAC Travel Awards for 2023

The Canadian National Committee for IUPAC (CNC/IUPAC) established a program of Travel Awards for young Canadian scientists in 1982. These Awards are financed jointly by the Canadian Society for Chemistry’s Gendron Fund and by the CNC/IUPAC Company Associates.


The criteria used for these awards includes:

  • evidence of an independent research program, either independently or as a key member of a team;
  • a publication record of high quality or equivalent industry reports or patents;
  • for those in academia, the ability to attract research funding (internal and external).

Those who are working on projects in industry are also encouraged to apply.

Purpose of the Awards

The purpose of these awards is to help Canadian chemists who have gained their PhD in the last 10 years, and are currently working at a Canadian institution to increase their international exposure by presenting a paper at an IUPAC-sponsored conference.

Number of Awards

Since the funds available for these awards depend on a number of factors, the number of award recipients each year varies but is typically three or four. The CNC-IUPAC Travel Award may be received only once in your career.

Amount of the Award

Up to $2,500, paid in arrears after travel-expense receipts and a 150-word report on the conference have been received by the Secretary.

How to Apply

There is no application form. Applications should include:

  1. a short Curriculum Vitae (less than 5 pages);
  2. two letters of reference, including one from someone not at the applicant’s university, research institution or company;
  3. a cover letter outlining the name and location of the conference, a copy or link to the conference circular and the reasons why this particular conference fits your goals.

It is up to the applicant to ensure that their request is supported by adequate documentation.

Applications should be submitted as one pdf file to the Chair of the Awards Committee: Professor Mark Workentin at Letters of reference should be sent directly to Dr. Workentin by e-mail. Receipt of applications will be acknowledged by return e-mail; if acknowledgement is not received within a few days, contact Dr. Workentin by email.

Eligible Conferences 

The conference must be an IUPAC-sponsored conference. Potential lists for 2024 can be found on the IUPAC web-site ( and also in Chemistry International, the IUPAC magazine. Awards are made to attend the conference identified in the application, and no changes are allowed without written permission from the Chair.

Deadline for Receipt of Applications

Oct. 23, 2023. Winners will be announced after the December meeting of CNC/IUPAC, and thereafter all enquiries should be directed to the Secretary.

Secretary and Member of CNC-IUPAC: 

Dr. Homin Shin (

Check out the details on Application Procedures and Deadlines and Travel Award winners.