Presented by the members of our Subject Divisions, these free seminar series unite people in the same specialty no matter where they are in Canada. Learn and grow with these series highlighting leaders in the field from across Canada and the world.

If you have an idea for a virtual event or webinar, please contact us at CIC ViRTUAL.

EN ViRTUAL Seminar
Environmental Division (EN)

EN-Virtual Seminar series will cover a wide range of topics in environmental chemistry, including in the atmospheric, terrestrial, freshwater, marine and Arctic environments.


Global Inorganic Discussion Weekdays (GIDW)

GIDW Virtual Symposium brings the inorganic community together online! The name GIDW is an homage to the popular regional conferences known as Inorganic Discussion Weekends that occur routinely in the US, Canada, and around the world.

Macromolecular Science and Engineering Division (MSED)

MSED-Virtual Seminar series will host talks in all areas of polymer science and engineering, ranging from polymer synthesis and characterization to their applications in various exciting areas of science and technology.

Physical, Theoretical and Computational Chemistry (PTC)

PC-Virtual Seminar biweekly series brings together physical, theoretical, and computations chemists from academia, industry, and government at all career stages.

Whine and Wine

Grab a glass of wine or your beverage of choice to join chemistry educators from across Canada for an informal discussion about our summer teaching experiences.