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Membership Influencer Prrunthaa Santhirakumara

Prrunthaa Santhirakumaran

BEng Student, Chemical Engineering, Ryerson University

"I feel like the current stage of my career right now has come a long way because of the CIC’s energy division that I am a part of. It’s definitely brought me to the Co-op opportunity that I am doing right now as a research assistant. Because of that I can network and get to know more professors and more people in my research field."

Membership Influencer Alex Veinot

Alex Veinot

PhD Student, Chemistry, Queens University

"Being an Indigenous chemist in Canada, I am very proud and I try to serve as a good example for my peers and show other people that we exist and we’re here.”

Membership Influencer Oyejide damilola oyewunmi

Oyejide Damilola Oyewunmi

MASc Student, Chemical Engineering, Concordia University

"I wanted to be part of a large body of likeminded individuals in terms of careers. I wanted to connect with other chemical engineers at various levels of their careers. The second reason why I become a member was because I wanted to learn about the latest advancements in chemical engineering in Canada."

Membership Influencer Morgan Lehtinen

Morgan Lehtinen 

PhD Student, Chemistry, Queens University,
CEO/Founder, Micellotech

"The CIC is a powerful network. The people are unlike anyone you will meet in any other organization. There is so much diversity. Everything from patent lawyers, top professors, CEOs of companies and even startups."

Membership Influencer Nida Sajid

Nida Sajid

BEng Graduate, Chemical Engineering, Ryerson University / Associate in Training, IPEX Group of Companies

"I became a member because I wanted to see how to make a bigger impact in the chemical engineering community but also to network and make sure that I am exposing myself to the maximum amount of opportunities instead of limiting myself to just what I see on job boards or online platforms."

Membership Influencer James Gauld

Dr. James Gauld 

Professor, Windsor University

"Any community, the scientific community is the same, is stronger when everyone is participating, bringing their own perspectives and experiences to the community. This helps makes the community stronger, drive it or push it forward into the future."

Take the lead in Canada’s thriving chemical science, and engineering community.