Open Access Advantage

The Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering (CJCE) publishes high-quality articles about the science, theory, and industrial practices of chemical and biochemical processes.

CJCE: A Hybrid Open Access Journal

All authors who publish with CJCE have the option of publishing an open access article, which is immediately free to read, download, and share for everyone, including those who do not subscribe, making CJCE a hybrid open access journal.

How? By paying an article publication charge (APC), or a discounted APC if your institution has a Wiley Open Access Account, or at no cost if Wiley has signed a transformational agreement (TA) with your funder or institution.

Wiley’s new TA with Canadian Research Knowledge Network (CRKN) Member Institutions

Wiley recently signed its first TA within Canada with Canadian Research Knowledge Network (CRKN) Member Institutions for 2023 and 2024, which includes 72 institutions across Canada.

This agreement means that APCs are covered for primary research and review articles, accepted on or after January 1, 2023, by corresponding authors affiliated with CRKN institutions.

See the list of 72 CRKN member institutions here.

I am currently affiliated with a CRKN institution. How can I benefit from this TA?

If you are currently affiliated with a CRKN institution and are the corresponding author of an article that you would like to publish as open access with CJCE, your APCs can be covered by this agreement. To benefit from this agreement:

  1. Ensure that you have used your institutional email address for your CRKN member institution when submitting your article. Please note that personal email addresses (e.g., Hotmail, Gmail) or email addresses for non-CRKN institutions should not be used.
  2. Ensure that you have specified your CRKN member institution when asked to declare your affiliation during the Wiley Author Services process.
  3. Follow these steps.

I am affiliated with an institution outside Canada. Am I eligible to benefit from a TA, or have my APCs discounted/covered completely?

Wiley has a number of agreements in place with institutions and funders across the world. Search by country to determine your eligibility here.

Why Publish Open Access

Research from our partners at Wiley has shown that:

  • On average, hybrid open access articles received nearly 4x as many downloads as subscription articles.
  • Hybrid open access articles received 2x as many citations than subscription articles.
  • Hybrid open access articles had an Altmetric Attention Score that was +520% than subscription articles.

Learn more here.

What is a transformational agreement?

A transformational agreement (TA) is a partnership developed between a consortium or institution and a publisher to facilitate the transition towards open access. TAs make it possible for researchers to read content freely and provide funding to cover article publication charges for authors when an article is published open access.

Questions about CJCE’s open access options?