CIC Board of Directors and Officers

Who We Are and What We Do

The CIC is an unmatched network of professionals that champions the advancement of the chemical sciences professions in Canada. As a member-based not-for-profit association, the prime purpose of the CIC is to serve its members and help them connect, learn, and grow their careers.

We are a diverse community of almost 6,000 chemical science professionals across Canada representing:

  • Chemists, chemical engineers, and chemical technologists.
  • Students and young professionals, to experienced practitioners.
  • Academia, industry, and government.
  • Start-ups, small, medium to large enterprises.

Members belong to one of our two societies: the Canadian Society for Chemistry (CSC), and Canadian Society for Chemical Engineering (CSChE).

Why We Matter

Only through the CIC can you connect with Canada’s premier network of chemical sciences professionals who are finding solutions to humanity’s greatest challenges.

How We Make a Difference

The CIC is a synergist in the Canadian chemistry community: by promoting interaction among our members, we help them achieve more together than they could alone. Because we make communication easier and more effective, we help our members do more of what they do best. When they succeed, we promote their work for the benefit of all.

We forge bonds between our members through our local sections, subject divisions, student chapters, and two annual world-class conferences. Through news articles and The Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering, we help keep the chemistry community up to date with the latest advances in research.

Our professional designations and accreditations raise the bar for study and research. Over 40 awards presented every year celebrate outstanding achievement.

When you support the CIC, you support the Canadian chemical sciences community in advancing chemistry-based learning, research, and technology towards responsible production, commercialization, and recognition.

Vision, Mission, and Beliefs

Our Vision

A fully interconnected Canadian chemical sciences community that works together for the advancement of understanding, for sustainability, and for national and global prosperity.

Together, the chemical sciences allow us to feed billions, cure diseases, generate and store energy, solve our most challenging problems, and transform our world for the better.

Human understanding moves forward faster when we connect across disciplines and levels of understanding, share our ideas, and collaborate on new approaches. There’s never been a better time for Canadian chemists, chemical engineers, and chemical technologists to overcome the challenge of geographical separation to come together and foster new breakthroughs.

That’s where the CIC comes in.

Our Mission

To foster an inclusive community for chemical science practitioners in Canada that helps them connect, enhance their skills, advance their careers, and earn recognition for their accomplishments.

We are proudly Canadian! Our country has an incredibly talented group of chemical science professionals, and we are dedicated to helping their professional growth.

Our Core Values

We believe in:

  • Helping our members to connect, learn, and expand.
  • Sharing our passion for chemical sciences with each other, the Canadian public, and the world.
  • Celebrating the diversity of our members and promoting inclusivity.
  • Encouraging responsible and sustainable practice for the good of Canada’s economic growth, the environment, and people everywhere.
  • Showing the world that Canadian chemical sciences professionals contribute to advancing our collective understanding.

Join Us and Grow Your Career

Through the CSC, and CSChE we bring together everyone in the chemical sciences community, no matter how far you’ve traveled on your career path.