The CIC – the interconnected chemical sciences community in Canada.

The CIC helps the Canadian chemical sciences community connect to share ideas and enhance understanding and skills. We celebrate achievements through awards and promote new insights through our news stories and our journal. We create opportunities for our members to take their careers further.

Our Community Values

GROW your personal value and accelerate your career growth

The CIC provides competitive advantages to its membership. Our resources help you navigate the Canadian chemical industry and academic world (including the grants system). We partner with professional associations across the country for increased professional status and licensing.

LEARN new skills and knowledge to unlock your potential

Learning is a lifelong process. The CIC provides many opportunities to take your knowledge and career to the next level: national conferences and events, workshops, technical symposia and lecture series, career development, and much more!

CELEBRATE excellence in the field and scientific advances

Canada has exceptional researchers and professionals in the chemical sciences community, including you. The CIC helps researchers and professionals gain recognition for their work through our awards, conferences, news, and social media. Our student awards encourage and support the best and brightest of the next generation of chemical sciences professionals.

CONNECT with professional networks and strengthen your relationships

Becoming a member means becoming a part of a powerful professional network of networks. Our journal, articles, student chapters, local sections, and subject divisions bring the chemistry community together to share ideas and collaborate. Mentoring partnerships that can be forged in being a member of this community can be life-changing for students and professionals alike.

“The CIC has been an invaluable resource throughout my career – be it attending conferences and networking events, searching for my next career step, or just keeping up with all of the innovations arising from coast-to-coast. The CIC is the absolute cornerstone of the Canadian chemical community and I’m proud to be a member.”

- Tim Clark, PhD, MCIC, Technology Leader, GreenCentre Canada, Kingston, ON

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