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The CIC - the interconnected chemical sciences community in Canada

The Chemical Institute of Canada (CIC) is a organization that is proud to represent diverse members from:

Make a difference as a part of Canada’s professional chemical sciences community. When you belong to the CIC, you’ll join our country’s brightest minds as they tackle the biggest questions and challenges of our times. You’ll expand your horizons beyond what you ever thought possible!

“By becoming involved I found out what was happening in research across Canada and my interest led me all the way to the presidency within the CSChE. Then I got to visit more universities and meet more people! This was really just a pleasure.”

- Emily Moore, MCIC, Professor of Engineering Leadership, University of Toronto Director, Troost Institute for Leadership Education in Engineering

With almost 6,000 members across Canada, the Chemical Institute of Canada represents chemists, chemical engineers, and chemical technologists on the forefront of their fields.

What We Do

The Chemical Institute of Canada:

Take the lead in Canada’s thriving chemical science, and engineering, community.