The Working for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (WIDE) Committee is a permanent committee of the Canadian Society for Chemistry (CSC). CSC WIDE works to create a fair, barrier-free chemistry community that understands, values, and adheres to the principles of equity, diversity, and inclusion. View the CSC WIDE Strategic Plan

Members of the CSC WIDE Committee

WIDE Spotlight Videos

Highlighting diverse members of the chemistry community

Interested in being a Spotlight? Send an email to widecsc@gmail.com

WIDE Subcommittees

Policy Subcommittee

The Policy Subcommittee manages the CSC’s Self-Identification Questionnaire and recommends policies to make the CSC more equitable and inclusive.

Community Subcommittee

The Community Subcommittee manages WIDE’s social media, website, and outreach activities to increase awareness about the importance of EDI in chemistry.

Ableism Fighters Subcommittee

The Ableism Fighters Subcommittee advocates for increased accessibility in all CSC activities and events, including the Canadian Chemistry Conference and Exhibition.

WIDE is a subcommittee of CSC.

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