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The Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering (CJCE) publishes high-quality articles about the science, theory, and industrial practices of chemical and biochemical processes.

The Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering (CJCE) publishes original research articles, new theoretical interpretations or experimental findings, and critical reviews in the science or industrial practice of chemical and biochemical processes.

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Subject Areas

  • Biotechnology, biochemical and biomedical engineering
  • Environment, renewable resources, and green processes
  • Industrial applications of chemical engineering principles
  • Interfacial and electrochemical phenomena
  • New materials, nanomaterials, and nanotechnology engineering
  • Process control, systems engineering, and statistics
  • Reaction engineering, chemical kinetics, and catalysis
  • Separation processes
  • Transport phenomena, fluid dynamics, and thermodynamics

Article Types

  • Research article
  • Review article
  • Mini review
  • Special issue article – by invitation
  • Special series article – by invitation
  • Award article – by invitation
  • Book review 
  • Letter to the editor
  • Note

For additional information on the different types of articles, please see our Author Guidelines.

Resources for Authors

There are a number of ways authors can ensure their article has an impact:

What is SEO?

SEO is the process of improving the ranking of a webpage in a search engine’s results so that your article appears at the top of the list when someone enters a search term that is relevant to your topic.

SEO in 4 steps:

Use keywords – Choose relevant keywords and key phrases anduse these throughout your article.

Choose your title strategically – A title must be descriptive andincorporate key phrases related to your topic.

Optimize your abstract – Express key points and findings fromyour article in simple terms.

Build links – Create a network of inbound links and citations toyour article.

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CJCE’s Cover Image Program

CJCE offers authors the opportunity to have a figure from their article featured on the cover of the article’s issue. This cover image can then be used in other ways to promote your article, such as in presentations at conferences or shared on social media.
According to data gathered by Wiley since May 2021, articles with featured cover images average:

55% higher full text views on Wiley Online Library

31% higher Altmetric Attention Scores

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Article Share

Once your article has been published online, a unique sharing link to a full-text read-only version of your article can be generated with Wiley’s Article Share feature. This link can be shared with an unlimited number of people via social media, email, and more.


1. Log in to Author Services.

2. In My Articles, find the article you would like to share and click Manage Article.

3. Look for the Share your content card and click Get shareable link.

4. Copy your unique sharing link and share access to your article with anyone, anywhere.

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