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The Process Safety Management Symposium

The Process Safety Management (PSM) Symposium will be held Nov. 8-10, 2021. Registration is free for CCEC 2021 attendees, undergraduate students, unemployed members, and invited international speakers. See below for registration fees for the PSM Symposium only.

Track Chairs:
Hua Deng, AER
Amanda Sistilli, University of Alberta

This year’s session highlights the importance of PSM on a holistic level. PSM principles and elements can be applied across various industries with hazardous sites, small or large. Benefits of PSM go beyond the safe operation of these sites. It brings sustainability to the industries and communities around them. PSM adoption needs to be viewed with internal and external stakeholders in mind. Successful PSM comes from commitment from all levels within an organization, sufficient oversight from regulators, good understanding, and championship from industry associations; as well as sound understanding of hazards and risks, effective management of risks, and continuous learning from experience. There are multiple challenges and opportunities in this landscape. At this year’s conference we will delve into these in more detail through presentations and workshops.