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CCCE is the premier conference for the Canadian Society for Chemistry. The mission of CCCE is to be your forum; a venue where you can embrace learning, exchange knowledge, build innovative ideas, advance your career, and advance the chemistry profession.

Taking part in CCCE is an opportunity to grow, learn, connect, and celebrate all that Canadian chemistry has to offer.

Why attend?

CCCE brings together 2,400+  delegates from Canada and around the world in one place. The IUPAC World Chemistry Congress unites the global chemistry community in one event. Join the delegates of these combined premier events to:

Connect with leaders in your field, including event plenary and keynote speakers.

Expand the horizons of your science through numerous symposia.

Learn new approaches for your work and career through a variety of workshops.

Celebrate the achievements of your peers, and advances in chemistry, through CSC, CIC, and IUPAC awards.

Be a part of this expanded community as it solves global challenges through chemistry.

Take the lead in your studies or career by attending IUPAC | CCCE 2021.

Objectives of the CCCE

  • Strengthen the Canadian  and international chemical science community.
  • Share and promote global perspectives and developments in chemical sciences and their role in solving global challenges.
  • Enhance opportunities for professional collaboration and connecting with professionals with common interests and values.
  • Showcase the talent and emerging technologies of early career professionals.
  • Develop the future generation of chemical science professionals and leaders.