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Session Organizer:
Vikram Yadav,
the University of British Columbia

Keywords: Synthetic biology, biochemical engineering, industrial biology, industrial biotechnology, biotechnology for sustainability, biomaterials, bioprocesses, biomanufacturing, environmental remediation, genomics, vaccines, global health

Functional biomaterials (Cross-listed with advanced functional materials track)
Organized in collaboration with the Quebec Center for Advanced Materials / Centre québécois sur les matériaux fonctionnels

Session Organizer:
Corinne Hoesli,
McGill University

In this session, we will explore how materials interact with biological environments, cells and physiological systems either directly or indirectly. The session will focus on interfacial phenomena, and how chemical engineers can design materials, bioreactors, devices and bioprocesses to tailor these interactions to our needs.

Keywords: biomaterials, biointerfaces, biomimetic, cell adhesion, surface modifications, microfabrication, micropatterning, microenvironment, protein adsorption, cell-surface interactions.

Nano and microtechnologies in biomedical engineering (Cross-listed with nanotechnology track)
Session Organizer:
Gregory Decrescenzo, Polytechnique Montréal

Keywords: Surface-plasmon resonance (SPR) immunoplasmonic for cancer diagnostics, SPR and COVID, Microfluidics in biomedical engineering, Biosensing, Organs-on-a-chip, Biomedical nano and microdevices, Microdevices for cell and tissue engineering

Innovative materials and devices for biosensing (Cross-listed with advanced functional materials track)
Session Organizer:
Sara Mahshid, McGill University

Keywords: Biosensors, diagnostic devices, nanostructure-based biosensing, lab-on-chip, point of care.

Bioinspired materials and interfaces (Cross-listed with advanced functional materials track)
Session Organizers:
Marta Cerruti, McGill University
Matt Harrington, McGill University
Anne Kietzig, McGill University
the McGill Institute for Advanced Materials (MIAM)

Keywords: Biological materials, bio-inspired materials, biomaterials, biomaterial surfaces and interfaces, self-healing, structural color, tailored surface wetting, adhesion, actuation and sensing, stimuli-responsive materials

Special session in honor of Leo Behie
Session Organizers:
Arindom Sen, University of Calgary
Mike Kallos, University of Calgary
Alex De Visscher, Concordia University

Leo Behie, Professor and Canada Research Chair at University of Calgary, passed away on June 6, 2020. Leo was an innovative researcher who used chemical reaction engineering to advance various fields, most notably stem cell engineering. In this special symposium, talks dedicated to Leo are presented by his colleagues, friends, and researchers influenced by his work.