Revised Membership menu/pages. UX structure revealed once clicked around in new pages.

Project Timetable

Webpage Deadline
Membership Fees / Options - VERSION 1 Done - Actionable items listed on page - VERSION 2 to come. Wednesday, June 28, 2023
Add design elements across all new pages Wednesday, July 5, 2023
Student Membership Fees / Options - VERSION 1 Wednesday, July 12, 2023
Project Completion Wednesday, August 26, 2023

Items to note for launch of NEW Membership Section


Current URLs MUST be redirected to retain internal links and backlinks functionality.
List of current links below:

Launch of new membership section:

  • The NEW Membership Section will take around 7 hours to launch. At this time the section will be non-functional. Suggestion 1: Make users aware of the downtime. Put a note on the homepage. Suggestion 2: Say nothing to not grab attention and do this on a day when we have no actionable items going out in email or social. Or plan a day like this. 

Run a site wide global link verification to ensure all redirects above are working:

  • This will take a minimum of 7 hours

Announcing the new membership section:

  • TBD

For CSC and CSChE Conferences – New Menu item structure to replace Partner with us

Request Banner Ads separately after becoming a Platinum or Gold sponsor so we do not have sponsors giving us there logo as an AD. Did not know they had to submit their logo and AD when signing/up or paying as a sponsor. Does not give time for design of ad.