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Catalysis and Reaction Engineering

Polymer Reaction Engineering
Session organizer:
Kate Stewart, Trent University

Keywords: Reactor design for polymers, combined extrusion reaction reactors (process intensification), catalysis, upcycling processes for plastic recycling

Computational Catalysis, Chemical Kinetics, and Machine Learning
Session Organizer:
Leanne Chen, University of Guelph

Keywords: Fundamentals from atomic level (DFT), microkinetic modeling, to reactor flow level (CFD) and kinetic modeling, open to machine learning techniques to aid in catalyst screening for either scale

Environmental Catalysis
Session Organizers:
Melanie Hazlett, Concordia University
Ashlee Howarth, Concordia University

Keywords: Catalytic solutions to address global environmental issues such as air pollution (emissions catalysis), water pollution, and green synthesis of chemicals (from CO2 and biomass feedstocks, process innovations, water vs organic solvent)

Catalysis for Renewable Energy
Session Organizers:
Prachee Misra, NRCan CanmetEnergy
Ashraf Amin, Vorsana Inc

Keywords: Catalytic solutions to produce fuel from feedstocks other than fossil fuels (biomass, CO2), or for co-processing alternate feedstocks with conventional feedstocks

Electrocatalysis and Photocatalysis
Session organizer:
Ali Seifitokaldani, McGill University

Keywords: Electrocatalytic and photocatalytic advances in CO2 reduction, water electrolysis, fuel cells, and other applications, reactors