About the Chemical Institute of Canada (CIC)

VISION: Chemistry is central to the well-being of society.

Our vision statement, though simple, transmits a depth of understanding of the chemical sciences and engineering, and of society as a whole. Each word holds significant meaning:

  • Chemistry: This word includes both the science and the people — the professionals using chemistry will be recognized as benefiting every facet of life.
  • Central: Chemistry is the central science. Chemistry bridges biology, physics, geology and other scientific disciplines as many scientists now work at the molecular level. From organic chemistry to the pursuit of life-saving pharmaceuticals to molecular medicine, chemistry is the fundamental science of life.
  • Well-being: New technologies and the comfortable lifestyle enjoyed by many Canadians are provided through the applications of chemistry. Sustainable improvement will only be achieved through public appreciation of the importance and positive aspects of science and chemistry in everyday life. Knowledge and understanding are key to avoiding harm and to benefiting from the appropriate use of all chemicals.
  • Society: Interdisciplinary arts and science professionals, and society at large, will recognize the value of chemistry. CIC members are a key part of society and must be involved. Through outreach and professional engagement, the public appreciates how chemistry and the CIC are a positive part of our society.

MISSION: Advance the principles and practices of the chemical sciences for the betterment of society.

The betterment of society covers three pillars: 
(1) Environment; 
(2) Health and Safety; and 
(3) Economy and Energy.

To achieve both its vision and mission, the CIC will:

  • Assist the profession to remain current with technology;
  • Encourage the development of the chemical enterprise;
  • Participate in the development and education of the chemical sciences and engineering profession;
  • Take proactive public positions on issues related to chemical sciences and engineering;
  • Communicate informed science to the public.


The Chemical Institute of Canada (CIC) is a national not-for-profit organization committed to advancing the chemical sciences and engineering through its three constituent societies.


  • Provide professional designations and memberships to those in the chemical sciences and engineering profession
  • Organize Canada’s two premier annual conferences for the chemical sciences and engineering – the Canadian Chemistry Conference and Exhibition and the Canadian Chemical Engineering Conference
  • Connect members through a network of Local Sections, Student Chapters and Subject Divisions
  • Produce two major publications: ACCN the Canadian Chemical News magazine  and the Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering
  • Conferring over 40 awards across Canada
  • Advocate to the government on issues of research funding and regulations
  • Accredit university programs and certify chemical technologists
  • Plan Outreach activities for the public to advance their understanding and appreciation of the chemical sciences and engineering
  • Provide Career Services that help to advance the professional lives of chemists, engineers and technologists.
  • And much more


As well as enjoying several benefits such as discounted rates for our conferences and a complimentary subscription to our magazine, members of the Constituent Societies of the CIC become part of Canada’s diverse and prestigious community of chemical scientists, engineers and technologists.

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