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    Build momentum with the Chemical Institute of Canada! Join us as we look back on 2020 and look forward to 2021 and beyond.
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    Vision Statement

    We are proud to represent the Canadian chemical sciences community.
    The Chemical Institute of Canada (CIC) focuses on the advancement of understanding and sustainability, as well as national and global prosperity. Our mission is to break new ground by creating a more inclusive network of chemical science practitioners in Canada: we help you enhance your skills, advance your careers, and celebrate outstanding achievements.

    We appreciate your support in 2020.
    We look forward to continuing this momentum throughout 2021 and beyond,
    as we grow Canada’s chemical sciences community together.

    2020 Executive Summary

    The past year has been eventful and challenging, but the Chemical Institute of Canada (CIC) and its constituent societies have been meeting these challenges head on. We have moved into 2021 with resilience and the challenges of 2020 have led us to exciting new ways to connect and build our community.

    The COVID-19 pandemic significantly impacted CIC activities in 2020. The most difficult direct result of the pandemic was the cancellation of the Canadian Society for Chemistry’s (CSC) annual conference, the Canadian Chemistry Conference and Exhibition (CCCE), which was set to be held in Winnipeg in May 2020. This cancellation unfortunately also impacted CSC’s membership numbers, since many people join during conference registration. We missed connecting with the chemistry community in 2020, but we are looking forward to the new version of CCCE, set to happen virtually as part of IUPAC’s World Chemistry Congress in August 2021. The Canadian Society for Chemical Engineering (CSChE) was able to forge ahead with its Canadian Chemical Engineering Conference (CCEC) as a successful virtual event in October 2020. The innovative virtual format allowed for new ways to engage with cutting edge research.

    With the newly virtual world in 2020 came new opportunities to connect our community outside of the conferences. CIC ViRTUAL launched in May 2020: the CIC Talks stream of our CIC ViRTUAL programming showcases how the Canadian chemical sciences community is meeting today’s biggest challenges. The seminar series stream offers technical talks from subject area experts organized by members of our subject divisions. Although this ViRTUAL programming originally developed out of necessity from the pandemic, it has quickly become an essential part of the CIC’s programming and will now offer opportunities for our geographically vast Canadian (and international) community to connect throughout the year.

    In this report, you’ll see the highlights of this year: although it was challenging, we have many things to celebrate and we’re especially grateful for the support of our CIC community throughout 2020 and into the future.

    Paul Smith

    CIC Chair and Interim Executive Director
    Vice President, Xerox Corporation

    Our Membership This Year:

    Our membership serves three societies

    Our membership serves three societies. Canadian Society for Chemistry 2000+ members. Canadian Society for Chemical Engineering 1100+ members. Canadian Society for Chemical Technology 140+ members

    Our communities


    Celebrating Awardees

    Despite the difficult year, the CIC and its constituent societies have continued to persevere and demonstrate excellence in the chemical sciences. Once again, we are honoured to present more than forty awards to members of our community for their exceptional contributions.

    CIC AWARDS 2020
    Jonathan Abbatt

    CIC Medal

    Jonathan Abbatt, MCIC
    University of Toronto

    The CIC Medal is the top award from the CIC, which recognizes a distinguished individual who has made an outstanding contribution to chemistry or chemical engineering in Canada.

    Bruce Lennox

    Montréal Medal

    Bruce Lennox, FCIC
    McGill University

    The Montréal Medal/Médaille de Montréal is a mark of distinction for an individual who has shown significant leadership or has made an outstanding contribution to chemical sciences in Canada.

    A CIC Fellowship is a distinctive class of membership that recognizes the merits of a CIC society member who has made an outstanding contribution to their field. In 2020, we were delighted to award fellowships to:

    Across the three societies, we have awards to recognize the outstanding contributions of students and young professionals at all levels of Canadian post-secondary institutions:

    Chemical Education Fund & Outreach

    In 2020 the Chemical Education Fund (CEF) is a registered charity that promotes education in the fields of chemical sciences, chemical engineering, chemical technology, and related disciplines. CEF’s goal is to inspire the next generation of chemical science professionals and engage the public by developing educational materials and through outreach activities, such as seminars and conferences.

    Chemistry Education Award

    Professor Nola Etkin, MCIC is the winner of the2020 CIC Award for Chemistry Education for her outstanding contribution to post-secondary chemistry education at the University of Prince Edward Island.

    Celebrating Student Achievements

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    The Lionel High School Chemistry Scholarship assists high school students in financial need in pursuing post-secondary studies in the chemical sciences up to four years.

    Emma Pflanz
    Semiahmoo Secondary School, Surrey, BC

    Emily Armstrong
    Regent Christian Online Academy, Victoria, BC

    Canadian Chemistry Competition & Olympiad

    In 2020, the CCC, the CCO, and the International Chemistry Olympiad were unique in providing a space for students in Canada and globally to showcase their chemistry knowledge and skills, at a time when most other science competitions, both national and global, were not able to pivot and successfully support student empowerment in the online environment.

    Four students went on to participate at the International Chemistry Olympiad: Andrei Mihai Banica, Edward Chen, Hung Nguyen, Justin Qi Hua Cheng.

    Four students went on to participate at the International Chemistry Olympiad: Andrei Mihai Banica, Edward Chen, Hung Nguyen, and Justin Qi Hua Cheng.

    Andrei Mihai Banica, Hung Nguyen, and Justin Qi Hua Cheng received bronze in the International Chemistry Olympiad.

    Andrei Mihai Banica, Hung Nguyen, and
    Justin Qi Hua Cheng received bronze in the
    International Chemistry Olympiad.

    The Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering

    The Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering (Can. J. Chem. Eng.) is proudly owned by CSChE and published in partnership with Wiley. Can. J. Chem. Eng. publishes high-quality original research in chemical engineering from around the world.

    Impact factor increased to a NEW record HIGH 2-year 1.687, 5-year 1.54
    Our most cited & downloaded article “Experimental methods in chemical engineering: Residence time distribution - RTD” Ariane Bérard, Bruno Blais, & Gregory S. Patience, MCIC

    I would like to thank all the authors, reviewers, and readers of the CJCE for their continued support in 2020. Despite the impact the pandemic has had on all of us, the journal has continued to receive top quality papers. We appreciate the prompt response of our reviewers and the dedication of our readers.

    @CanJChemEng we connected with the chemical sciences community with over 266 tweets and 8 CIC NEWS articles

    New Associate Editors


    In 2020, CIC NEWS welcomed our new editor, Sharon Oosthoek, who shared and reported the stories of the Canadian researchers, professionals, and students. Here are our top stories covering the COVID-19 pandemic and updates from the Canadian chemical sciences community.

    For 2020 we had:





    Top COVID-19 Story Picks

    Top Chemical Sciences Story Picks


    As we all moved to a virtual world, the CIC also followed suit and launched career and technical webinar series under CIC ViRUTAL. We also hosted our virtual Canadian Chemical Engineering Conference. Being in a virtual space has allowed us to provide a more connected and accessible experience for our members.

    CIC ViRTUAL banner

    CIC TALKS hosted 15 exclusive webinars from leaders of our community from a diverse range of fields, including two presentations from CIC/CSC award winners.

    THE SEMINAR SERIES hosted over 30 seminars and welcomed nearly 50 speakers from Canada and around the world through 4 subject divisions.

    Canadian Chemical Engineering Conference 2020

    The Canadian Society for Chemical Engineering hosted CIC’s first virtual conference, which welcomed 650+ attendees from nearly 20 countries across the globe.

    CCEC 2020 had 5 plenary sessions and 6 technical tracks

    Continuing the critical conversations…

    In partnership with the National Research Council of Canada, CCEC 2020 featured a plenary panel, two symposia, and a workshop that spotlighted the critical role of equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) as a foundation for innovation in Canada’s chemical sciences sector and the immense societal and economic benefits that it brings.

    Sneak Peek for 2021

    Every year we aim to bring the chemical sciences community valuable resources and opportunities.
    For 2021 we have an exciting line-up of member-exclusive perks and conferences.

    Need advice to help you better overcome your career challenges? Not sure what to do with your degree? CIC Talks Careers is our new webinar series that connects students and early career professionals to accomplished professionals and seasoned mentors working in academia, government, and industry.

    Looking for a job in your field can be both challenging and time-consuming. We’ve made it easier. All members now have access to an exclusive job board that features many of the latest employment postings available both in Canada and abroad.

    IUPAC and CCEC 2021

    IUPAC | CCCE 2021 & CCEC 2021

    We invite you to the first IUPAC | CCCE 2021
    that is occurring virtually. Following up in the fall, we have our CCEC 2021 conference. These are great opportunities to network and present your research to a global audience.

    Did you miss a webinar you really wanted to see? Don’t worry! We understand how busy you are. That’s why we’re providing member-exclusive access to virtual recordings of CIC ViRTUAL. It’s as simple as logging into your account to watch past recordings.


    Chem-tennial: Our 100th Anniversary

    This year, we’re celebrating our 100th year of serving the chemical sciences community in Canada.

    Value of CIC Membership

    Join now and watch your opportunities grow in Canada’s thriving chemical science, engineering, and technology community.