The CSC awards recognize professionals and students who have made outstanding contributions to the chemical sciences.

Nominations for CSC awards are now accepted electronically through ScholarOne.

Consult the CSC Awards Handbook for:

  • Complete terms of reference.
  • Eligibility criteria.
  • Lists of past winners for all CSC awards.
  • Submission deadlines: the deadline for most CSC awards is July 2 of each year.
    • Please note: if July 2 falls on a weekend, the deadline will be the next working day.

Changes for the 2020 Awards

If a nominee has previously received awards by the CSC and/or CIC, the nominator has to outline the nominee’s new achievements. The goal is to avoid recognizing the same achievements multiple times, but still celebrate new contributions.

CSC awards will not be given out if less than 3 nominations for an award are received.

Please note that changes may be required to the specified selection committees (in consultation with the specific division(s)) due to conflicts of interest, committee gender balance or other issues that may arise.

Our Awards

Our list of awards and latest winners includes: