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The R.U. Lemieux Award is presented to an organic chemist who has made a distinguished contribution to any area of organic chemistry and who is currently working in Canada.

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The 2019 winner of the R. U. Lemieux Award is:

Andrei K. Yudin
University of Toronto

Andrei K. Yudin received his undergraduate degree at the Moscow State University in 1992. He subsequently worked in the laboratories of G. K. S. Prakash and George A. Olah at USC, where he received his PhD in 1996. Following postdoctoral training in the laboratory of K. Barry Sharpless at the Scripps Research Institute, Yudin started his independent career at the University of Toronto in 1998. He became an associate professor in 2002, which was followed by promotion to the rank of a full professor in 2007. Between 2015 and 2018, he served as the chair of the Board for Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry. Since December 2018, Yudin has been an associate editor for Chemical Science. Yudin is an internationally renowned scholar who has created new molecules that serve as powerful tools used for chemical synthesis. His concepts have enabled the development of entirely new classes of compounds, previously thought to be too unstable to be used as useful reagents. He has also been active in translating these fundamental discoveries into applications that impact the fields of chemistry, biology, and medicine. He has been recognized with many awards, is a fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry (UK) and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada.

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