Anita Rodgrigues from Frank Hurt Secondary School in Surrey, B.C. and Josie Shasko from Belmont Secondary School in Victoria are the 2019 recipients of the Lionel High School Scholarships.  Both will be studying chemistry. Anita is studying at University of British Columbia and Josie is at University of Victoria.  

The scholarships were established to assist high school students who had a strong interest in chemistry, biochemistry or chemical engineering attend university but who would not be able to attend without significant financial assistance.  Recipients receive $4,000 per year for up to four years towards their studies.  

Thanks to increased funding provided by donor Trudy Lionel to the Fund this summer, CIC was able to offer two new scholarships in 2019.  Find out more about Trudy Lionel and her enthusiasm for helping students get a start at university through the scholarships.

2017 recipient, Dylan Brine began his studies in biochemistry at Memorial University and moved to the computational chemistry degree program. “MUN has definitely been everything I expected it to be.”

Miasya Bulger received her scholarship in 2018.  “I had an amazing year! I completed a machine learning Bootcamp and joined a neurotechnology design team where I found some of my best friends. I was also selected by the McGill Faculty of Engineering as a student representative at a science and engineering conference in San Francisco last month!”

For more information about the Lionel High School Scholarships visit the CIC website.