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The R.S. Jane Memorial Award is presented to a person, who, while residing in Canada has made an exceptional achievement to the field of chemical engineering or industrial chemistry.

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The 2021 winner of the R. S. Jane Memorial Award is:

Peter Englezos


Peter Englezos,
University of British Columbia

Dr. Peter Englezos is Professor in the Department of Chemical & Biological Engineering at the University of British Columbia. He joined the Department as an Assistant Professor in 1990 after completing his PhD at the University of Calgary. He has made contributions in the interdisciplinary field of clathrate (or gas) hydrates and is among the most cited researchers. He chaired the 6th International Conference on Natural Gas Hydrates in 2008.  He has also made contributions in the fields of optimization and papermaking chemistry. Dr. Englezos published over 200 articles in his areas of interest including co-authoring a book on applied parameter estimation for chemical engineers. Dr. Englezos received several honours including UBC Izaak Walton Killam Memorial Faculty Research Fellow, Fellow of the Tokyo Electric Power Company Chair at Keio University and Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Engineering. He served two terms as Head of the Department (2009–2019). He taught courses on thermodynamics, process synthesis, optimization and papermaking chemistry and has mentored a number of scholars who are now research leaders in Canada and around the world. Dr. Englezos serves in the editorial boards of the Journal of Chemical Engineering Data and the journal Fluid Phase Equilibria.


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