Process Safety Management (PSM) Symposium

This year’s session highlights the importance of Process Safety Management (PSM) on a holistic level. PSM principles and elements can be applied across various industries with hazardous sites, small or large. Benefits of PSM go beyond the safe operation of these sites. It brings sustainability to the industries and communities around them. PSM adoption needs…

Montréal to host 54th IUPAC General Assembly and 51st World Chemistry Congress in 2027

The International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC) has chosen Montréal, Quebec to host the 54th IUPAC General Assembly and 51st World Chemistry Congress (WCC), collectively referred to as IUPAC 2027. Hosted at the Palais des congrès de Montréal, up to 3,500 delegates will be in attendance over July 16-23, 2027. The events will include the Canadian Society for Chemistry’s (CSC) 110th Canadian Chemistry Conference and Exhibition (CCCE).

Game on! Earn points and win big at IUPAC | CCCE 2021

Level up your remote experience by earning points as you engage with the conference. Visit “Game” in the left-hand menu in the virtual conference platform, and then click on “My Tasks” to see all the ways you can earn points.

IUPAC | CCCE 2021 social media connections

The Canadian Society for Chemistry is excited that IUPAC | CCCE 2021 is only few weeks away. Join the conversation on social media to connect with other attendees and engage with the conference on your platforms.

CCEC 2020 Plant Design Competition

Congratulations to the winners of last year’s Plant Design Competition! Learn more about the competition and submit your entry for this year’s competition today.

Dark Russian alleys and a shout out to Nixon

Zafra Lerman is an American chemist and President of the Malta Conferences Foundation, which promotes peace by bringing together scientists from hostile countries to discuss science and foster collaboration. Lerman recently spoke with CICNews editor Sharon Oosthoek in advance of her plenary presentation at IUPAC CCCE 2021 in August.

Boost your career options at this year’s virtual conference

Are you wondering how a virtual IUPAC | CCCE 2021 is going to help you connect with the international chemistry community? Find out how you can successfully network your way towards career growth and meaningful connections at this virtual event.

Fast cars and lessons from the skating rink

Donald Sadoway is a materials chemistry professor at MIT who studies the scientific underpinnings for technologies that make efficient use of energy and natural resources in an environmentally sound manner. The overarching theme of his work is electrochemistry in nonaqueous media. Sadoway recently spoke with CICNews editor Sharon Oosthoek in advance of his plenary presentation at IUPAC CCCE 2021 in August.

Montreal Local Section Annual General Meeting

The CIC Montreal Local Section (LS) invites you to attend its Annual General Meeting (AGM) which will take place March 31st from 12pm to 1pm via Zoom. On that occasion, we invite you to take note of the following information. 1. This year, the LS associates itself to the Research Days, a conference where graduate…

CCEC EDI programming catalyzes conversations, but will it catalyze change? That’s up to all of us.

The Canadian Chemical Engineering Conference (CCEC) 2020’s special equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) programming brought EDI to the forefront of the conversations happening in the Canadian chemical engineering community. This special program was presented at CCEC in collaboration with the National Research Council of Canada (NRC). With a plenary panel, symposia presentations, and an interactive…