This year’s Canadian Chemical Engineering Conference in Halifax features a professional development session that will introduce participants to the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council’s new Alliance Grants program. The new initiative, which was formally launched earlier this year, replaces and combines several familiar research funding streams. This single program consolidates awards that were formerly offered as Engage Grants, Industrial Research Chairs, Connect Grants, Strategic Partnership Grants, Experience Awards, and Collaborative Research and Development Grants.

The information session, which is being held at noon on Monday October 21, will provide more details on application procedures and evaluation processes for Alliance grants, much of which will be familiar to anyone who has received NSERC funding in the past. The new grants are intended to accommodate a broader range of partner organizations, as well as providing incentives for smaller firms in many different sectors. NSERC is also updating its on-line system to make the application process simpler, as well as streamlining evaluation criteria and review processes.

The session in Halifax is to be led by NSERC Deputy Director Gordon Deveau. For a quick introduction to the Alliance Grants program, check out NSERC’s introductory site, or the program’s official site.