April 25, 2017

The CIC would like to extend its condolences to the family of Norman H. Sagert of Winnipeg, Manitoba, who died April 19, 2017, at the age of 81.  Sagert is remembered for his warmth and modesty as well as his innovative solutions to chemical engineering in Nova Scotia.

Some of his accomplishments include finding solutions to challenges at Nova Scotia’s heavy water production plants in the mid-1970s. Using high-speed cameras in his laboratory in Pinawa, Man., Sagert determined how to optimize the speed for gases to bubble up through the many trays of down-trickling water in the towers. The thousands of tons of heavy water in use in Canada today were made with the benefit of Sagert’s acumen. He was also involved in helping develop cheap electricity from nuclear energy. Sagert’s scientific contributions as well as his humanity will live on in the memories of many of his chemical colleagues.

– by Michael Tomlinson F.C.I.C.