Don’t wait to explore the May issue of Can. J. Chem. Eng. as it features two new additions to our Established Leaders Special Series: “Process design of a continuous biotransformation with in situ product removal by cloud point extraction” by Oliver Fellechner and Irina Smirnova—our Editor’s Choice article this month—and “Regular solution theory applied to asphaltene related phase behaviour” by Harvey Yarranton, MCIC, and Francisco Ramos Pallares. This issue also features a new addition to our Experimental Methods in Chemical Engineering Special Series: “Experimental methods in chemical engineering: Barrier properties” by Martina Roso, Claire Cerclé, Abdellah Ajji, MCIC, and Gregory Patience, MCIC.

This issue also includes articles from a variety of our content categories.

Environment, Renewable Resources, Green Processes

Catalytic upgrading of bio‐oil: Hydrodeoxygenation study of acetone as molecule model of ketones

Industrial Applications of Chemical Engineering Principles

Investigation of catalytic hydrodeoxygenation of anisole as bio‐oil model compound over Ni‐Mo/TiO2 and Ni‐V/TiO2 catalysts: Synthesis, kinetic, and reaction pathways studies

Esterification of 2‐keto‐L‐gulonic acid and ethanol by pervapouration using NaA zeolite membrane

An experimental study comparing the stability of colloidal dispersion gels with normal polymeric solutions for enhanced‐oil‐recovery purposes

New Materials, Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology

Experimental investigation on the microstructure of fluidized nanoparticle agglomerates by TEM image analysis

Reaction Engineering, Chemical Kinetics, and Catalysis

Kinetic study of carbonylation of ethanol using homogeneous Rh complex catalyst

Influence of the Ir content and the support on the thiotolerance of the Ir/SiO2‐Al2O3 catalysts for selective ring opening of decalin

Transport Phenomena, Fluid Dynamics and Thermodynamics

Parameter identification of transport PDE/nonlinear ODE cascade model for polymer extrusion with varying die gap

Effect of rheology on mass transfer and bubble sizes in a bubble column operated in the heterogeneous regime

Analysis of premixed and non‐premixed co‐injection of volatile gas in an industrial indirect pyrolysis plant

Hydrodynamics of bubble coalescence in microchannels

Multiobjective optimization of area‐to‐point heat conduction structure using binary quantum‐behaved PSO and Tchebycheff decomposition method

Effects of gas leakage from the dipleg on the pressure characteristics in a cyclone separator