The June issue of Can. J. Chem. Eng. is hot off the virtual press, so be sure to dig into the two new additions to our Established Leaders Special Series: “Experimental determination of gas diffusivity in liquids – A review” by Simant Upreti, MCIC, and Anil K. Mehrotra, FCIC—our Editor’s Choice article this month—and “Estimating uncertainties and parameters for fundamental models used in online monitoring and control” by Qiujun A. Liu, Hadiseh Karimi, and Kimberley B. McAuley, MCIC. This issue also features a new open access Experimental Methods in Chemical Engineering Special Series article: “Experimental methods in chemical engineering: High throughput catalyst testing — HTCT” by Carlos Ortega, Daria Otyuskaya, Erik-Jan Ras, Luis D. Virla, Gregory S. Patience, MCIC, and Hendrik Dathe.

Explore the other articles in this issue from a variety of our content categories:

Biotechnology, biochemical and biomedical engineering
Silica-supported morpholine alkaline ionic liquid catalysts for preparation of biodiesel

Environment, renewable resources, green processes
Diethylenetriamine as a selective pyrrhotite depressant: Properties, application, and mitigation strategies
Simultaneous NOx and SO2 removal during wet flue gas desulfurization, using copper smelter slag slurry combined with yellow phosphorus

Industrial applications of chemical engineering principles
Elimination of tryptamines from green coffee by supercritical CO2 extraction

Interfacial and electrochemical phenomena
CO2 mobility control by small molecule thickeners during secondary and tertiary enhanced oil recovery

Process control, systems engineering and statistics
Multi-manifold NIRS modelling via stacked contractive auto-encoders
An accurate numerical method for inversion of Laplace transforms with applications in process dynamics and control

Reaction engineering, chemical kinetics, and catalysis
Numerical analysis of the operating characteristics of a large-scale CFB coal-gasification reactor with the QC-EMMS drag model

Separation processes
Salt effects on dynamic bubble nucleation on hydrophobic surfaces in air super-saturated water

Transport phenomena, fluid dynamics and thermodynamics
Experimental study on aeration efficiency in a pilot-scale decelerated oxidation ditch equipped with fine bubble diffusers and impellers
Numerical investigations into two-phase turbulent modalities for bubble column flows