Take us up on a unique opportunity to bring your experience and insights to communicating some of the most important issues surrounding science and technology in Canada.

The CIC invites you to nominate yourself to represent the CIC community and attend the 2019 Canadian Science Policy Conference (CSPC) or the 2019 Association of Science-Technology Centers (ASTC) Conference as a CIC News correspondent, honing your skills as an observer and reporter on the discussions that will be taking place at this major event.

ASTC 2019, hosted by the Ontario Science Centre, takes place September 21-24 in Toronto. This event will draw educators and administrators from science centres and museums around the world. They will be discussing the challenge of conveying complex topics to diverse audiences and several sessions focus specifically on aspects of communicating chemistry to the public.  

CSPC 2019 takes place November 13-15, 2019, at the Westin Hotel in Ottawa. For more than a decade, this annual gathering has brought together hundreds of scientists, entrepreneurs, policy-makers, politicians, journalists, students and many others from across the country to assess the past, present, and future of Canadian science, technology, and innovation policy. From changes taking place in government funding strategies to the economic and ethical implications of synthetic biology or machine learning, this compelling program is packed.

Please express your interest in representing the CIC by email with subject “Yes, I would like to represent the Canadian chemical sciences community” indicating your interest in one or both events including why you would best suited for this role in 500 words or less. All submissions will be held in confidence and will be reviewed as they are received.  The positions will remain open until the roles have been filled.

Feel free to forward this information to others who you think are interested and qualified to represent the CIC in this capacity.  Being a member of the Canadian chemical sciences community (CIC membership) will be considered an asset. 

If you are selected, CIC is prepared to cover expenses such as conference registration and travel expenses (transportation, hotel, meals) to a predetermined maximum. In return for this support, you commit to analyse and report various aspects of the proceedings that you think would be of particular interest to the CIC community. Working with a professional editor, your contribution will ultimately appear in this newsletter and on our organization’s Web site as part of our conference coverage.   Engage, learn and expand your career with the CIC. 
Represent the CIC at these national and international stages.

Email “Yes, I would like to represent the Canadian chemical sciences community” and tell us why you should represent the CIC at CSPC 2019 and ASTC 2019!