The November issue of CJCE features a new special issue section honouring Professor Michael Williams, co-guest edited by Philip Choi, Dean and Professor from the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science at the University of Regina, and Robert E. Hayes, Professor and Associate Chair (Research), Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering, University of Alberta.

In the preface to this special section, Prof. Choi highlights some of Prof. Williams’ achievements during his 37-year career as “an internationally recognized expert in polymer rheology”, including work at the University of California, Berkeley, from 1965–1989 and the University of Alberta from 1990–2002, receiving the Mason Award from the Canadian Society of Rheology in 2001, and authoring and co-authoring over 150 research publications.

Prof. Choi notes Prof. Williams’ ability as a teacher to “explain difficult concepts in an easy-to-understand manner” and remarks, “His class notes were always extremely well organized and clearly presented with key equations always derived step-by-step with justified assumptions.”

Be sure to access the preface and this special issue section containing papers from Prof. Williams’ former colleagues and students to learn more about his significant impact on the field through his work in polymer rheology and more.

The November issue also features a new addition to the CJCE Perspective Article Special Series, which is this issue’s Editor’s Choice article: “A comprehensive review on the flow behaviour in shale gas reservoirs: Multi-scale, multi-phase, and multi-physics” by Dong Feng, Zhangxin Chen, Keliu Wu, Jing Li, Xiaohu Dong, Yan Peng, Xinfeng Jia, Xiangfang Li, and Dinghan Wang.

Also, two new additions to the Experimental Methods Special Series are featured, the second of which is open access:

“Experimental methods in chemical engineering: Gas chromatography—GC” by Hela Laajimi, Federico Galli, Gregory S. Patience, and Dalma Schieppati.

“Experimental methods in chemical engineering: Scanning electron microscopy and X-ray ultra-microscopy—SEM and XuM” by Thomas E. Davies, He Li, Stéphanie Bessette, Raynald Gauvin, Gregory S. Patience, and Nicholas F. Dummer.