CJCE’s 100th Volume Special Issue is finally available and will be free-to-read throughout September and October. This issue features over 40 technical and non-technical articles from current and former associate editors, international advisory board members, and editors-in-chief from all over the world including Canada, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.

In this special issue, the Editor’s Choice article, “A perspective on The Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering commemorating its 100th volume: 1929–2021” by Anil K. Mehrotra, João B. P. Soares, Krishnaswamy Nandakumar, Pierre J. Carreau, Norman Epstein, and Gregory S. Patience, explores the long history of the Journal and the changes it, as well as the chemical engineering field, have undergone over the past 93 years. The issue highlight articles from this issue are all co-written by former or present CJCE editors-in-chief and cover topics from the future of chemical engineering as a field to the reactive compatibilization of polylactide/polyamide 11 blends.

In the preface to the special issue, Editor-in-Chief João B. P. Soares looks forward to the future of chemical engineering and the important role of CJCE within the field:

I believe the CJCE will continue its tradition of promoting outstanding chemical engineering research. The diversity of chemical engineering makes it a fascinating profession but also risks fragmenting it into subareas that are increasingly specialized. One of the purposes of the CJCE is to counter this effect by communicating achievements in all areas of chemical engineering and emphasizing how the many faces of our profession are unified through the core subjects that differentiate it from other engineering disciplines.

This 100th Volume Special Issue celebrates the wide scope and beauty of chemical engineering in the 21st century. Enjoy it!

Alex Castro, Wiley Journal Publishing Manager, also notes the important role of CJCE within the chemical engineering community:

Since 1929, CJCE has made it its mission to publish outstanding chemical engineering research. Reaching its 100th volume milestone is a testament to the importance of its mission and its impact on the community. As its publishing partner, Wiley is thrilled to celebrate this milestone along with the editorial team.

CJCE’s success from 1929 to its 100th volume would not have been possible without the support of our authors—and the high-quality research they publish with the Journal—as well as the dedication of our reviewers, associate editors, editorial boards, and editorial team. We would like to thank our community for its continued support and hope that you will celebrate the 100th volume with us.

As a part of this celebration, we have created a webpage dedicated to the projects we have been working on to commemorate this milestone, which now features the CJCE Associate Editor Perspectives video collection with exclusive interviews with CJCE associate editors in which they provide their take on exciting past and future research in chemical engineering. Be sure to view this special video on the CJCE 100th volume anniversary page.