Jennifer Pitt-Lainsbury is a mentor for the Canadian International Chemistry Olympiad (IChO) team. She travelled with the team to the Czech Republic and Slovakia in 2018 and Paris in 2019. In addition to being a mentor for IChO, Jennifer is the National Examiner for the Canadian Chemistry Contest (CCC) and the National Coordinator for the Junior Science Olympiad of Canada. She volunteers hundreds of hours a year to the thousands of students involved in these programs because she firmly believes in connecting classroom education in science to opportunities and training beyond the classroom. Canada needs to continue to inspire excitement about Chemistry, academic excellence and global collaboration in the sciences.

Jennifer is an enthusiastic science educator. She has taught in public, private and international education systems and has loved teaching science and Chemistry at the University of Toronto Schools where she is now the Head of Student Support and Student Innovation.

Jennifer has a Master of Arts in Collaborative International and Development Education, her MBA in Global Innovation, an Honours B.Sc in Chemistry, her B.A. in French and her Bachelor of Education.

Teach the chemical sciences like a superhero


Hey Ms P.L., if you could be a superhero based on an element in the periodic table, who would you be?” Hardly the ground-breaking, significant question a teacher might want to elicit from the next generation of budding chemists. I was in the middle of a lecture about a central idea in chemistry: PV= nRT....