Ian is a B.Sc. graduate of Simon Fraser University and a first year M.Sc. student at the University of Victoria in the lab of Dr. J. Scott McIndoe. His graduate research involves the use of real time mass spectrometry to monitor and investigate the mechanisms of palladium-catalyzed C-C bond formations.

ChemiSTEAM 2020: Sublimation of VO(acac)2


In this synthesis, we attempted a sublimation of our crude product as an alternative to the usual purification of vanadyl acetylacetonate that involves the recrystallization from dichloromethane and ether. This was a conscious effort to change the synthesis towards methodology that incorporated principles of green chemistry. By making this switch, we tried to make a safer and more efficient synthesis that avoided using dangerous solvents and reduced the waste. I captured this close-up of the sublimed crystals in their vibrant blue and chaotic crystalline texture that showcases this attempt.