On March 18, 2019, the University of Calgary’s Canadian Society for Chemical Engineering (CSChE) student chapter, the Chemical and Oil & Gas Engineering Students’ Society (CESS) in collaboration with the Calgary CSChE Local Section, held their Process Safety Panel. This event was free for CSChE and student chapter members and featured distinguished professionals from organizations such as ACM Facility Safety, Canada’s largest independent provider of hazard analysis, safeguard and risk assessment services.

Panelists included David Asekomhe (VP Solutions Innovation and Delivery, ACM Facility Safety), Richard Carter (Facility, Trainer, and Safety Lifecycle Leader, ACM Facility Safety), Jyoti Patel (Principal Consultant, Resolute Risk Management Services), and Kristi Soderman (Principal, COMS and Technical Assurance, Cenovus Energy). The panel started off with each speaker sharing their experience in process safety, including various and sometimes international work experience, followed by a session where the panellists answered audience questions from their own perspectives. Finally, a brief networking session was held where students were given the opportunity to mingle with the panellists. Topics discussed included the importance of mentorship and networking, learning different process safety standards across countries, and the growing importance of process safety in the workplace.

The event, which also included student participants, was sponsored by the CSChE Student Chapter Grant Fund. A brief introduction about the Canadian Society for Chemical Engineering, and the upcoming Canadian Chemical Engineering Conference in Halifax, was given by Ian Jobe, Executive Director of the Chemical Institute of Canada.

Arby Seño is an undergraduate student in Chemical Engineering with a Biomedical Engineering Specialization at the University of Calgary. He is also a representative for the Chemical and Oil & Gas Engineering Students’ Society.

From left to right: Kristi Soderman (Cenovus Energy), Richard Carter (ACM Facility Safety), Jyoti Patel (Resolute Risk Management Services), David Asekomhe (ACM Facility Safety).
Photo credit: Arby Seño