To celebrate International Year of the Periodic Table (IYPT2019), the University of Waterloo’s Department of Chemistry and Chem 13 News magazine have brought together science, art and history in a collaborative student outreach project that provides an interesting take on the classic periodic table. Students from 118 schools in 28 different countries have created a hexagonal artwork based on the discovery story of each element, from hydrogen to oganesson. The artwork will be arranged in chronological order of element discovery to create a Timeline of Elements poster, wall mural and website.

With sponsorship from the CIC Chemical Education Fund, a copy of the Timeline of Elements poster will be mailed to all high schools in Canada. An accompanying website will be created to showcase artwork and student-written discovery stories. In addition to the poster and website, 3M Canada is sponsoring the creation and installation of a 52 foot x 11 foot wall mural, which will be installed in STC Science Teaching Complex at the University of Waterloo this September. The goal is to create a suite of teaching tools, inspiring students from all disciplines with the historical context of innovations in chemical methods, techniques and technology that led to the development of the iconic Periodic Table of the Elements.

Come celebrate with IYPT online as this amazing body of student artwork is showcased from all over the globe. From March to May 2019, two element tiles are being revealed each school day and posted at the reveal website and tweeted @Chem13News. Below is the artwork for the first twenty elements that have been revealed.