Putting Boron into Polymers: Applications in Catalysis and as Supramolecular Materials

Date: November 17, 2021 1:30 pm (ET)


  • Frieder Jäkle
    Rutgers University Newark


The functionalization of polymers with electron-deficient organoboranes has attracted much recent interest as a novel method to generate superior materials for optoelectronic, sensing, and imaging applications. In addition, the decoration of polymers with highly Lewis acidic boranes is emerging as a promising approach to advanced recyclable catalysts and has also proven advantageous in the development of smart polymeric materials that are reversible assembled through Lewis acid-base interactions. Herein, we will discuss new routes to polymeric Lewis acids developed in our lab, describe their properties, and discuss applications as supported Lewis acid catalysts and as building blocks of supramolecular polymeric materials.