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The R. U. Lemieux Award is presented to an organic chemist who has made a distinguished contribution to any area of organic chemistry and who is currently working in Canada.

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The 2023 winner of the R. U. Lemieux Award is:

P. Andrew Evans
Queen’s University
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Andrew Evans is the Alfred R. Bader Chair of Organic Chemistry and a Tier 1 CRC in Organic and Organometallic Chemistry in the Department of Chemistry at Queen’s University. He was born in Llangollen, Wales and received a B.Sc. with honors in Applied Chemistry at Newcastle Polytechnic and a Ph.D. at the University of Cambridge with Andrew B. Holmes, FRS. He then completed postdoctoral studies with Philip D. Magnus, FRS, at the University of Texas at Austin as a NATO Postdoctoral Fellow.  In 1993 he initiated his independent career at the University of Delaware, followed by Indiana University and the University of Liverpool, where he was the Heath Harrison Chair of Organic Chemistry.

Professor Evans’ research focuses on developing new synthetic transformations that permit the expeditious synthesis of functional molecules.  A unique and striking feature of his work is the ability to access new chemical reactivity through mechanistic studies.  Notably, he pioneered the stereospecific rhodium-catalyzed allylic substitution reactions, which provides a unique approach to this longstanding problem.  Professor Evans is a Fellow of the American Chemical Society and has received numerous awards for his contributions to the field, including the Paul G. Gassman Distinguished Service Award, the Harry and Carol Mosher Award, the Changjiang Scholar Award, the ACS Cope Scholar Award, and the RSC Pedler Award.

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