CIC Award for Chemistry Education

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CIC Chemical Education Fund

The CIC Award for Chemistry Education is presented as a mark of recognition to a person who has made an outstanding contribution in Canada to education at the post-secondary level in the field of chemistry or chemical engineering.

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The 2019 winner of the CIC Award for Chemistry Education is:

W. Stephen McNeil
University of British Columbia at Okanagan

W. Stephen McNeil is an associate professor at the Okanagan campus of the University of British Columbia. He received his BSc and PhD from the University of British Columbia, both in years that start with a 1. He taught at the University of Washington, Douglas College, and Okanagan University College before joining UBC Okanagan in 2005.

McNeil is a 2009 recipient of the UBC Okanagan Award for Teaching Excellence and Innovation and the inaugural 2018 recipient of the UBC Okanagan Killam Teaching Prize. He is currently leading a reform of the content and delivery of UBCO’s introductory chemistry courses by developing, implementing, and assessing flipped delivery activities, active and guided-inquiry learning, and a context-embedded curriculum. His ongoing interests include the development and assessment of active- and collaborative-learning methods, alternative conceptions of advanced chemical bonding models, and science communication and chemistry outreach. According to, he is “…the epitome of excellent, middle-aged teaching.”

Past Winners

Margaret-Ann Armour, C.M., FCIC
University of Alberta

Charles A. Lucy, FCIC
University of Alberta

Glen R. Loppnow
University of Alberta

David Stone, University of Toronto
Presented by Judith Poe, FCIC, CEF Chair (right)

Uttandaraman (U. T.) Sundararaj
University of Calgary

Stanislaw Skonieczny
University of Toronto