Free Subscription to ACCN, the Canadian Chemical News, for Canadian High School Science Teachers

ACCN, the Canadian Chemical News, is now available to Canadian high school science teachers for free. The magazine complements high school science curricula, providing the latest in research and innovation in the chemical sciences and chemical engineering sectors. The content is highly readable, beautifully illustrated and inspiring to those students considering a career in the sciences.

  • As the planet experiences more extreme weather events linked to human activity, there is a growing emphasis on green chemistry, which embraces switching from petroleum-based products like coal and oil and gas to sustainable ones like solar, wind and bio-fuel power. ACCN presents stories about green innovation, and how chemical scientists and engineers are creating solutions to global energy problems. Students will understand that they have the power to effect change for the better.
  • ACCN will help your students develop the skill and the strategies required for scientific inquiry by presenting Question & Answer stories showcasing Canada’s top chemical researchers. Students learn that chemistry is about real life—it’s not just beakers in a lab—and embracing science is the means to understanding the world.
  • ACCN gets students excited about science, by showing how seemingly abstract concepts are applicable to everyday life. How do you do chemistry experiments on a planet like Mars? How do you make medicines from ocean sponges? How do you make electricity from waste wood? These are the fascinating queries that will inspire interest in science, and make students realize that their studies are applicable to the real world.

Help your students learn more about the mysterious and beautiful world around them!  Subscribe Today!