2016 winners of the CSChE Graduate Student Poster Competition by category are:

  • Biotechnology Category: 1st place: Linbo Han, University of Alberta, “Tuning Salt-responsive Antifouling Properties of PMTAC Brush Coating.” 2nd place: Viviane Belair, McGill University, “Optimization of the Extraction of Bioactive Polyphenolic Compounds from Cranberry Pomace by Untargeted Profiling Approach and Response Surface Methodology.”
  • Catalysis Category: 1st place: Boyu Li, University of Waterloo, “Kinetic Performance of Iron Doped Ceria Catalyst for Soot Oxidation.” 2nd place: Joerg Ahne, University of Waterloo, “Electrospun Ceria Nanofibers for Diesel Soot Filtration.”
  • Environment Category: 1st place: Stevan Ostojic, Royal Military College of Canada, “Study on the Valorization of Brewer’s Spent Grains.” 2nd place: Araya Marchena, Polytechnique Montréal, “Use of Isotope Marking to Evaluate the Effect of Different Structures on the Composting Degradability of Energetic Materials.”
  • Macromolecular Science and Engineering Category: 1st place: Yun-Seck Jun, University of Waterloo, “Highly Conductive and Interconnected Graphene Foam Based Polymer Composite.” 2nd place Jun Geun Um, University of Waterloo, “Carbon Nanomaterials Reinforced Polyurethane Composite as Coating for Oil Pipelines and Flanges.”
  • General Chemical Engineering Category: 1st place: Ahmed Naser M. Khafhafera, Queen’s University, “Microalgae Dewatering by Electrocoagulation to Produce Multi-purpose Bio-solid Feedstock for Cement Plants.” 2nd place: Mohammad Hussein, Dalhousie University; Mosaic Inc., “Development of FT-NIR Based Monitoring Method of Amine Weight Percent and Degree of Neutralization in Flotation Applications in Potash Processing.”

2015 winners of the CSChE Graduate Student Poster Competition first place by category are:

  • Biotechnology A. K. R. Simidi, University of Saskatchewan
  • General Chemical Engineering A. Farjoo, University of Alberta
  • Environment D. A. Kennedy, University of Ottawa
  • Catalysis N. E. Wong, University of Calgary
  • Oil and Gas R. Gaikwad, University of Alberta

2015 winners of the CSChE 3-Minute Poster Competition:

  • First place Vicki Labonté, École Polytechnique de Montréal
  • Second place Catherine Tays, University of Alberta
  • Third place Jonathan Verrett, McGill University.

2014 winners of the CSChE Graduate Student Poster Competition are:

  • 1st place: Na Re Ko, Concordia University
  • 2nd place: Amjad El-Qanni, University of Calgary
  • 3rd place: Jeffrey J. Sims, University of Ottawa.

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