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The Award for Best Graduate Student Paper Published in The Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering is presented for outstanding published work by a graduate student.

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The 2018 winner of the Award for Best Graduate Student Paper Published in The Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering is:

Michaela K. McGurn
Weber Manufacturing Technologies, formerly at University of Calgary

For her paper “The Effect of Inorganic Solids on Emulsion Layer Growth in Asphaltene-Stabilized Water-in-Oil Emulsions,” Can. J. Chem. Eng. 2017, 95(10), 1909 by M. K. McGurn, E. N. Baydak, D. M. Sztukowski, H. W. Yarranton,

Michaela McGurn graduated from Queen’s University in 2014 with a BSc in engineering chemistry and then in 2017 graduated from the University of Calgary with a MSc in chemical engineering. While at the University of Calgary, under the supervision of  Harvey Yarranton, McGurn’s research focused on the impact of fine and coarse clay solids on the growth and stability of emulsions stabilized by asphaltenes in oilfield separations. This work had the goal of modelling and predicting rag layer growth characteristics in continuous separations from conventional batch testing when solids accumulate within the rag layer, forming stable emulsions. Following the completion of her MSc, McGurn returned to Ontario where she is currently working as a chemical engineer (EIT) with Weber Manufacturing Technologies, specializing in the research and development of chemical liquid processes.

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