The 2019 Fellows of the CIC are:

Francoise Bertrand

François Bertrand, FCIC
Polytechnique Montréal
Department of Chemical Engineering

François Bertrand is a leading expert in the multiscale modeling of multiphase flows in chemical engineering processes. He is Senior Vice-President and Vice-President Academic and Research at Polytechnique Montreal and was Chair of the department of chemical engineering in this university. He has trained a large number of highly qualified personnel and successfully transferred his research findings to numerous companies, thereby contributing to the economic development of Canada. Bertrand was Treasurer of the CSChE.

Josephine Hill

Josephine Hill, FCIC
University of Calgary
Department of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering

Josephine Hill is an outstanding researcher, educator, mentor and advocate of chemical engineering and heterogeneous catalysis. She has many years of distinguished service on the executive of the CIC Catalysis Division and the CSChE Board of Directors. She is a leader in catalysis research in Canada with an outstanding record of publication, having advanced the development of solid-oxide fuel cells, catalytic gasification and the conversion of waste materials to activated carbon. She is a strong promoter and mentor of women in STEM.

Stephen Westcott

Stephen Westcott, FCIC
Mount Alison University
Department of Chemistry

Stephen Westcott has been integral in the development of borylation chemistry, an area that has tremendous applications in synthetic and pharmaceutical chemistry. While he has recently designed a new ‘phosphinoboration reaction’, his greatest impact, and something he is most proud of during his career, has been in the training and mentoring of many exceptional researchers for careers in academia, industry and the health sciences. ‘Among his many outstanding students include CIC members Johanna Blacquiere (Western), Paul Hayes (Lethbridge), and Mita Dasog (Dalhousie).

Mark Workentin

Mark Workentin, FCIC
University of Western Ontario
Department of Chemistry

Mark Workentin is a Canadian leader in the research area of physical organic chemistry of materials. He is a multiple award-winning teacher and educator, recognized for his in-class teaching, mentorship and policy development in education at Western and across the country, the latter through his role as CSC Director of Accreditation. He has served the CSC in several other functions including Program Co-Chair of the 102nd CSC Conference and as former Chair of the Organic Division.

Zhongxin Zhou

Zhongxin Zhou, FCIC
Gilead Albert ULC

Zhongxin Zhou conducted and directed process research and development for more than 160 drug substances in the pharmaceutical industry with 15 drug substances commercialized in the world in various therapeutic areas, including HIV, HCV, oncology, inflammation and respiratory. He has also led the planning, design and construction of two state-of-the-arts laboratory buildings that have won Big Project Sustainability Award of Alberta Construction Association. He participates in Gilead corporate mentoring programs and has a strong link with the University of Alberta chemistry students through internship programs, lectures and promotes inclusion through groups such as WISEST.

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