National Chemistry Week

National Chemistry Week (NCW) is an annual, week-long celebration of the chemical sciences in all provinces and territories in Canada. It’s a great opportunity for youth to get connected with the wonders of chemistry and for the not-so-young to appreciate the positive aspects of chemistry through hands-on experiments, games, demonstrations, lectures, exhibitions and more.

When does it take place?
October 12–20, 2019

Planning Events

  • The CIC, through a network of dedicated volunteer members, coordinates public activities.
  • Anyone who is interested in chemistry can plan an event. It's not the size of the event that is important; it's sharing an interest in chemistry with others.
  • Volunteers partner with educational institutions to involve kindergartners to graduate students, as well as companies, museums, science centres and government agencies.

Planning Resources and Contacts

Suggested Activities

  • Local Section Events
  • School visits
  • Public displays and demonstrations
  • Lectures
  • Open houses
  • Tours of facilities
  • Competitions, quizzes
  • Chemistry trivia periods
  • Chemistry walks
  • Environmental clean-ups
  • Mole Day Celebrations, October 23