Glynn Michael

Glynn Micheal

Thomas Hugh Glynn Michael passed away peacefully on Wednesday, February 18, 2015, in his 97th year.  He was General Manager and Secretary of the CIC from 1957-1978 and Executive Director from 1979-1985.

Michael was educated at Upper Canada College and the University of Toronto where he attained an Honours BA degree in 1940.  Following this he took courses in business administration at the same university and from there he joined the staff of the Ontario Research Foundation (ORF). From ORF he came to the National Research Council in Ottawa.  From 1946-1953 he was chief chemist with Woburn Chemicals Ltd., in Toronto  Immediately before accepting his position at CIC, he was director of research at Howards and Sons (Canada) Limited, in Cornwall, Ont.

He became a student member of the CIC in 1938 and was vice president of the University of Toronto Chemical Club Student Chapter. He became increasingly interested in the activities of the Institute which he believed provided the best opportunity for chemists of different interest to communicate with each other and to attain a higher degree of professionalism. Prior to joining the staff he had served as chair of the Toronto Local Section, chair of the Protective Coatings Division. Was a national director on the CIC Board  as well as CIC treasurer.  After his retirement he co-wrote Chemical Canada 1970-1995 for CIC’s 50th anniversary in 1995.  Michael was an active member of the CIC archives committee.

In addition to managing the association, he was involved with launching new activities including the Science Fair Council, the Youth Science Foundation and the Committee of Parliamentarians, Scientists and Engineers. He encouraged the CIC to play a prominent role in the Interamerican Chemical Engineering Confederation, the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry, Chemical Research Applied to World Needs and other activities.