David Stone, University of Toronto

Presented by Judith Poe, FCIC, CEF Chair (right)

David Stone is originally from the United Kingdom. He studied chemistry at Loughborough University, obtaining both his BSc (thesis with Frank Wilkinson) and PhD (thesis with Julian Tyson). He moved to the University of Toronto in 1988 for postdoctoral work with Michael Thompson. During this time he discovered his strong interest in teaching, with appointments in both analytical and general chemistry. He became a teaching stream faculty member in 2003, with responsibility for extensive revisions to the introductory and instrumental analysis laboratories, being promoted to senior lecturer in 2008 for excellence and innovation in teaching, curriculum design, and pedagogical development.

Commencing in 2004, Stone undertook a multi-year study of the high school–university transition amongst chemistry students, involving over 30 undergraduate research students. Through a mixture of surveys and group interviews, this highlighted many issues that make chemistry “hard” for students adjusting to the demands of university. He has since become involved in designing and teaching an interdisciplinary course in science education and public outreach. Stone continues to work with colleagues, high school teachers, and students at all levels to promote effective and engaging, research-based chemical education practices, both in the classroom and beyond.