Rates and Packages

Net Advertising Rates


10 Issues produced annually. Each Issue is limited to 3 Ads

Appears in both ACCN Headlines member email and on ACCN website.

Rectangular banner Ad (300px X 250px)
Cost = $1,500
*All advertisement content is subject to approval by the CIC

Rectangualar banner 300px X 250px


Book multiple insertions and take advantage of our discounts.

Package 1 (10 ACCN Online Ads - Full Year)
Regular price: $15,000

Package price: $11,250 (25% off)

Package 2 (5 ACCN Online Ads - Half Year)
Regular price: $7,500

Package price: $5,625 (15% off)

Package 3 (3 ACCN Online Ads - Basic)
Regular price: $4,500

Package price: $4,050 (10% off)

In-House Design of Advertisement: $750

Academic Discount
Academic institutions are afforded a 30% discount on the basic insertion rates.

Agency Commission
15% of gross billing allowed to recognized advertising agencies.


Skyscraper online banner (150px x 600px) 
Cost = $700per month*
Appears on CIC website

Skycraper Banner 150px X 600px