News releases and advocacy initiatives from the Constituent Societies of the CIC

News Releases

CIC/SCI Canada awards honour contributions to chemical industry [link to: 9.1.1]

January 16, 2013

SCI Canada, the business forum of the Chemical Institute of Canada will host its annual awards dinner in Toronto on April 4. The event is in recognition of those who have made outstanding contributions to the chemical industry. Join us at this influential event to celebrate the achievements of your colleagues. Read more … [link to 9.1.1]

Media contact:
Jodi Di Menna
Ph: 613 232 6252 ext. 231

Advocacy reports
The CIC and its Constituent Societies advocate on behalf of chemical scientists and engineers to federal and provincial governments on issues of research funding and regulations. We work with cabinet ministers, parliamentary secretaries and committee members who influence decision-making within the federal government to ensure that they recognize that research funding for the chemical sciences and engineering is important to the future of this country’s advancement in several critical areas including healthcare and pharmaceuticals, energy, food and water. The CIC also represents the viewpoints of chemical professionals to those responsible for federal and provincial regulations that have an impact on the chemical sciences and engineering in Canada. To achieve our advocacy goals, the CIC and its Constituent Societies are active members of both the Partnership Group for Science and Engineering (PAGSE) and the Canadian Consortium for Research (CCR).

Choice for NSERC President a critical task [link to: 9.1.1]

March 11, 2013

Suzanne Fortier is stepping down as President of NSERC and stepping up to the role of Principal and Vice-chancellor of McGill University in Montréal. Canadian Society for Chemistry President, Cathleen Crudden, responded to the news. Read more … [link to: 9.1.1]

CSC President responds to State of Science Report [link to: 9.1.1]

September 27, 2012

Science in Canada is healthy, growing and internationally respected, according to a report released on September 27, 2012 by an expert panel supported by the Council of Canadian Academies. Though the news overall seems to bode well for science in Canada, the story for chemistry is more mixed. Read more … [link to: 9.1.1]

CIC 2012 pre-budget submission to House of Commons [link to 9.1.1]

August 3, 2012

On August 3, for the first time, the Advocacy task force of the CIC submitted our own brief to the Finance committee of the House of Commons as part of the pre-budget consultation. These documents will be used to guide budget allocations for 2013/2014. Read more … [link to 9.1.1]