CIC announces partnership with VIA Rail Canada

May 17, 2016

The Chemical Institute of Canada (and its constituent societies) are happy to announce the creation of a partnership with VIA Rail Canada.

As of May 17, 2016 CIC members are entitled to a 5% discount every time they travel with VIA Rail Canada. This corporate discount applies to all destinations and all fare categories, with the exception of the Escape fare. It also applies to the different promotions VIA Rail offers throughout the year. For example, when there is a 50% off seat sale, members of The Chemical Institute of Canada, The Canadian Society for Chemistry (CSC), The Canadian Society for Chemical Engineering (CSChE) and the Canadian Society for Chemical Technology (CSCT) receive 55%.

Moreover, this discount applies to your leisure travels. Members can have up to 3 people (friends, family, colleagues) travelling with them that can also benefit from the discount.

To make sure that they get the discount every time they travel, members shuold visit and create a profile. In the profile, they should select the discount type: ''corporate rate'' and enter the CIC six-digit corporate number: 811130. Members will need to carry a copy of their 2016 membership receipt or card on board so that VIA staff can verify that they are a current member.

Instructions to create an online profile can be found here. Tickets can also be booked by phone at 1-888-842-7245 - simply mention the corporate discount. 

Questions can be directed to 1-888-542-2242.