In Memoriam

The Chemical Inistitute of Canada wishes to extend its condolences to the family and friends of the deceased members listed below.

Complete obituaries may also be published electronically on this page. We accept submissions from all of our members as well as their immediate friends and family. We do request that the obituaries be kept to approximately 500 words. Please note that obituaries will be edited for brevity and style according to Canadian Press standards and then linked to the name of the deceased (see below).

If you would like to submit an obituary, please write to

Marc Labelle
Donald B. Mutton, FCIC

Michèle Auger, FCIC
Alfred Bader, HFCIC
Ivo G. Dalla Lana, FCIC
Philip Hultin
Robert Le Roy, FCIC
Garry Rempel, FCIC
Barry Smallbone
Frank Smith
J. Christopher Young

Fred F. Atkinson
Khaled Belkacemi
Peter Braid
Ronald G. Cavell
Joseph Ewanchyna
Roland L. Haines
John A. Histed
W. David Jamieson
M. Miller
Thomas Pollock
Werner Rank
Russell Rodrigo
Norman H. Sagert
Arthur Szabo
Nicholas Peter Toltl

Lorenzo Ferrari 
François Xavier Garneau, FCIC
Samuel Grimley, FCIC
Gordon Halcro Thomson, FCIC

Alan William (Bill) Boyd, FCIC
Glynn Michael

Brian McCarry
Henry Bolker, FCIC

John Bailie (Jake) Stothers, FCIC
Richard Bader, FCIC

Leslie Shemilt, HFCIC
Walter Harris, HFCIC
Saul Wolfe, FCIC
Melanie O’Neill