Fall 2017
To food scientists and chemists who research the medicinal­ and health effects of garlic, the “stinking­ rose” has never smelled so sweet.

Humanity’s use of essential oils goes back thousands of years, with natural agents such as frankincense playing...

Business, Aviation biofules
Summer 2017
Canada's Biojet Supply Chain Initiative is working to integrate jet fuel derived from renewable sources into airport-fuelling infrastructure used by commercial airliners around the globe.

In one of several town-hall meetings held across the country early this year, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau sparked controversy by pointing to the need for Canada...

Lords of the Ring
Summer 2017
Benzene’s hexagonal molecular configuration stops enzymes from grabbing hold and reacting easily, making this petroleum byproduct difficult­ to clean up. Chemical engineer­ Elizabeth Edwards­ of the University of Toronto is helping overcome this problem b

Was the structure of benzene really illuminated by a chemist’s dream of a snake devouring its own tail? Historians of science are skeptical of this persistent...

Summer 2017
Queen’s University’s David Zechel studies microbial­ enzymes­ that can break down the controversial herbicide­ glyphosate, also known as Roundup.

Is it possible for chemists to make the perfect molecule? David Zechel, associate professor at Queen’s University Department of Chemistry in Kingston, Ont., says...

Women chemists worked at the Imperial Oil Limited's laboratory in Sarnia, Ont., circa 1943.
Spring 2017
Female chemists and chemical­ engineers are making­ enormous­ contributions­ to science in Canada­ and around the world.

Women have — often quietly and anonymously — contributed to scientific innovation since time immemorial. 

Drilling into Canada's Petroleum History
Spring 2017
The birth of Canada’s oil and gas industry­ took place more than 150 years ago in southern­ Ontario.

James Miller Williams, a carriage maker from Hamilton, Ont. and the founding father of Canada’s petroleum industry, was drilling for water in 1858 when he struck...